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Changes to the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations and Code were made effective June 1, 2018. We have found that many employers are not aware of either the changes, or are not familiar with the potential effects.


Our goal is to help employers become aware of these changes and discuss how they will affect your Health and Safety Program or COR / SECOR certification renewal.

There are numerous changes which are extremely important. You need to recognize these and ensure that they are documented in your safety program, implemented, and that your staff are both fully informed and involved in any necessary changes.

For example:-


  • Ensure the protection and maintenance of the health and safety (physical, psychological, and social well-being) of employees;
  • Ensure workers are not subjected to, or participate in, harassment or violence;
  • Ensure workers have competent supervision;



  • Ensure they are competent to supervise workers;
  • Take all precautions to protect worker health and safety;
  • Ensure workers work in accordance with requirements of legislation;
  • Ensure workers use hazard controls and personal protective equipment;


Through our regular newsletter we will dig further into these changes, explain how they affect you and provide some guidance on what to do next.


Remember if you currently have a COR or SECOR certification, you need to process some changes prior to your next maintenance or external audit.

For more information or to enquire about some assistance, please contact us for a NO OBLIGATION conversation.