Safety Management System - Pilgrim Consulting
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Safety Software Management System

Too many companies rely on paper or spreadsheets to manage their safety program. Paper gets lost, or it sits in a truck or at a worksite for weeks before reaching the office to be assessed and processed. And, keeping spreadsheets current and meaningful across a company is administratively intensive, difficult, and frustrating.


Further, during a safety audit, having an unorganized safety program, managed by paper and spreadsheets may lead to a company not receiving their COR/SECOR certification, which may result in increased insurance premiums and potential loss of business opportunities. Additionally, it is time consuming to prepare for a safety audit, and gather all the necessary documents and forms needed.


The alternative to paper and spreadsheets is safety management software. However, most of these applications are difficult to integrate, hard to use, take a long time to customize, and expensive.

We provide a complete safety management system, that is simple to use, operational on any device, fast to setup, flexible to customize, and affordable.